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about ciriexpo
Online CIRIEXPO is a prefessional O2O interactive display platform built by Rubber Valley Group Co., Ltd, integrating global industry chain resources. It is committed to providing optimum one-stop supply chain solution for the industry.It supplies global buyers with the most professional and comprehensive resources in chemical and rubber industry. For global suppliers, it offers a full display of global buyers as well as all necessary value-added services. It also provides the whole industry with updated overseas information, live broadcast and minutes of global industry conferences.
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    Updated global industry news Live broadcast of global industry expos Present minutes of influential industry conferences and forums Search for industrial journals with one click
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    Live broadcast of marketing activities Replay of conferences, forums and seminars
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    List of industry activities and one-stop participation Organization of offline trainings, industry activities and salons
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    Releasing channel of professional, timely and effective industry information
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    Manufacturers gathering with one-click search 360° demonstration all year around Face to face with buyers
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    Magazine & reports
    One-click searching for trade journals First hand of industry reports